Be a High Achiever in Corporate America

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5 min readOct 21, 2022
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We live in an age where there is plenty of opportunity for professional success. All you need to do is to keep yourself engaged and productive. In summary, you need to know how to manage yourself. To manage yourself, you need to have a detailed understanding of yourself. To set criteria of knowing yourself for professional success, you need to find out the following

What are your most valuable strengths/terrible Weakness

Our assumptions about our strengths are generally wrong. Rather than relying on our own intuition, we need to pay attention to data. But not necessarily to HR feedback or your management feedback. It is through your self-feedback analysis.

Let me give you an example from my own professional life. I was starting a new project last year. I was not very familiar with the underlying technology. So I decided to create a spreadsheet of each decision I am making, when I am making it, the outcome column, the outcome checking deadline, and whether I consider the outcome a success.

So from the example spreadsheet, I figured out that whenever I am stuck with a new technical problem, if I think thoroughly about the fundamentals and create a skeleton tech first, then it leads me to success.

From then on, I stopped listening to experts and stopped using the pre-built framework. I always think through first and then if required I talk to experts and look through existing frameworks for ideas, not for using them.

And also I started improving my strength by learning basics about different technology so that I can build a start skeleton.

This analysis also helped me identify my dangerous weaknesses. Starting to modify something always end us costing me time and resource. So I avoid it.

Identifying the way you learn

To conduct any task, we do have to process information efficiently. In this item, we will focus on the efficient process of information. Because once you process information properly, your delivery style of yours can vary and should be your own.

Now let's come back to how you process information. So information comes to us in a couple of different forms. One can…

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